Gentaur is one of the first regional biotechnology companies in Europe, an official distributor of USA and Chines Biotech companies.

Our company offers a wide selection of online ELisa kits, antibodies, reagents and PCR consumables for molecular biology of European and foreign manufacturers, reagents for various laboratories – biological, chemical, medical, quality control laboratories, food and pharmacological enterprises, plastic and glassware for laboratories and more.

Our clients are research institutes and universities, training centers, molecular biological, genetic, biochemical, microbiological laboratories, sanitary surveillance centers, forensic medicine laboratories, diagnostic laboratories, large and small biotechnological, pharmaceutical and food companies.

The main areas of activity are: production, research, development of new technologies and fulfillment of orders in the field of molecular biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering. Using modern achievements and innovations in combination with our own technological developments ensures the implementation of projects of different levels of complexity with high efficiency and quality at the level of world standards.

Terms of delivery of orders

Antibodies and other reagents for which it is important to observe the temperature regime are always sent with cold elements. The courier services that are used for this guarantee delivery from 1 to 3 business days to distant regions.
The delivery time for reagents from the warehouse is from 10 to 14 days, if available in stock. The time and price of delivery depend on the courier service and are discussed with the customer when placing the order. We currently use courier services. Clear work allows you to quickly ship the necessary products immediately after receiving the goods from the manufacturer.

Conclusion of contracts

If necessary, a contract, specification and all necessary documents for prepayment are drawn up.


Gentaur guarantees the confidentiality of all data and materials received during the execution of the order. It is important for us that customers feel confident, knowing that they can always count on qualified help and support.

Long-term cooperation and trusting relationships
with partners are more important for us than momentary benefits.

We hope that our cooperation will be
fruitful and mutually beneficial!

Lieven Gevaert

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