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What Genprice test are in stock?

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Coronavirus global pandemic rapid test for COVID-19 of a with gloves sterile surgical mask

Genprice is the fastest source of test kits for antigen or IgG IgM.

antigen test

Rapid Covid19 Finger Prick Antibody Test

antibody test

COVID19 Antibody Test. Woman Using Pipette to Take Blood Sample for Rapid Test for Corona Virus.

If you are healthy and think you might be infected the fastest measurable signal that can be tested is RNA PCR ( expensive, slow and only available in a thermocycler lab) or antigen between day 5 and 10

The Geprice COVID 19 Antigen Rapid Tests for detection of new infections

PANBIO Abbott Antigen Rapid Test 25 Tests/Kit Abbott Europe
BIOCREDIT RapidGEN Antigen Rapid Test 20 Tests/Kit RapiGEN Korea
VIVADIAG Antigen Rapid Test kit 25 Tests/Kit VivaCheck China
Leccurate LEPU Antigen Rapid Test 25 Tests/Kit Lepu Medical China
ACCU-TELL Antigen Rapid Test kit 20 Tests/Kit AccuBiotech China


The Genprice COVID 19 IgG/IgM Rapid Tests for monitoring of known infections. If you want to know if you are still having IgM or IgG antibodies

PANBIO Abbott IgG/IgM Rapid Test 25 Tests/Kit Abbott Europe
LECURATE Lepu IgG/IgM Rapid Test 20 Tests/Kit Lepu Medical China
ACCU-TELL IgG/IgM Fast Test 25 Tests/Kit AccuBiotech China


How to buy the perfect C19 detection kit for at home?


Today lots of different kits are available and it is difficult to make the right choice for your professional or at home situation


The prices are relatively low so it is veru useful to use this new technology of home test brought to you.


What types of samples are tested on and how to collect?

Tests are performed on a tiny drop of blood taken by a diabetes lancet device or on a nasal nasopharyngeal Schwab. The small blood drop can hurt a little, the Schwab usually doesn’t hurt but is uncomfortable for little children and they usually cry.

We think both are very useful and for children the blood sample is often easier. Be aware that in the AccuTell test the blood needs to go in the S place on the cassette from sample and the Buffer in the B place which often is confounded with blood.

antigen schwab

Taking corona virus test sample from nose.

antibody blood test

Antibody Test for Covid19, detection of Corona Virus Antibodies IgM and IgG.


What tests are available and how to make the best choice?

PCR test are not for home but antibody IgM IgG test and Antigen tests like PanBio or BioCredit are usually performed at home.


In the early days after the contamination PCR is better than antigen is better than IgM. IgG is the best choice if you want to know if you have had and old infection and in the absence of IgM antibodies and symptoms means you are:

1 safe to not be re infected yourself

2 safe to be not infecting others



How many home test are in a box and why are there so many?

There are usually between 20, 25, 40 or 50 tests in a box

With prices ranging from 4 to 10 euro per tests if would be to low price to only ship 1 test.

These boxes come with one bottle of buffer so shipping one test would increase the price up to 30 euro for 1 test while prices go from only 100 to 200 euro for a box.

The first test it is useful to use a Blanco sample so with nothing to compare to your test. In both cases you need to add 2 drops of buffer and you need to see the C of control coloring dark. I the C is not becoming dark the test is deficient or expired.

If you hold a negative test with blood sample or with no sample where you ran the buffer you will see slight lines of antigen or antibody on the positive places. This does not mean you are positive. The dark line should be visible from above the cassette when laid on a table with normal illumination form a lamp or day light above it


Do I need to be a doctor to do perform the test?

To do PCR you need to be a biologist and have a sterile very expensive lab and thermocycler but for antigen or antibody self test you do not need any special skills. It is infect very easy watching a YouTube tutorial or reading the kit protocol insert.

The basic steps are

1 take a drop of blood or nasal schwab

2 put the sample on the cassette

3 put the buffer on the cassette

4 after 1 minute read the result with your own eyes

5 if you need a proof for travelling take a picture of your result with your ID card and date and let its sign by a witness or official with place and date



What is the difference between antigen or antibody test?

Antigen is better to protect others if you are not sure if you have been infected

Antibody test is better to protect others and your self if you know you have been infected

Usually as rule PCR detects as early as in 2 days after the infection some viral RNA that is translated in DNA, Antigen only is detectable on day 3 to 30 after contact and Antibody IgM starts only at day 5. When you are IgM positive you have been infectious for already 2 days, that is why PCR or antigen tests are preferred to protect your contact in a maybe infection situation.

If for sure you are infected and you need to know if you can infect still others while you have no symptoms anymore the IgM IgG antibody test is much better than the antigen test.

If you want to know if you cannot be re infected the antibody test is better because when you still have IgG after 5 months you are virtually sure you cannot get it anymore and you cannot in absence of symptoms and antigen infect other people.


Should people that are IgG positive, symptom negative IgM negative, antigen negative and PCR negative still wear a mask?

No they shouldn’t. In official situations even if it is obsolete masks are often obligatory to show the good example. In private situations however it is very useful to know you are IgM negative and IgG positive since it means you are in the absence of symptoms completely safe to yourself and others. That is also why the test are sold in boxes of 25 so you will be able to test yourself every 2 weeks and follow your antibody progress. You should take pictures every week of your antibody or antigen progress and keep this to later understand your Cov2 history. The expiry date of the detection kits is 2 years so for sure in any case you will find a use of the 25 test supplied in a box. It is not a yes or no question but an evolutive question of your own test history.

mask or not?

Positive test for antibodies to covid-19 virus. mask or not?


What is the difference between a IgM or IgG positive result?

  1. IgM is the immediate response. Remember M from the second and third letter in iMMediate.
  2. IgG is the response after 10 or more days.
  3. IgM positive means you are infectious
  4. IgG positive means you have had an old infection and in absence of IgM, PCR or Antigen you are safe to yourself and others.
IgG IgM test

Doctor testing using the rapid test device for COVID, the  coronavirus

When am I safe having a negative test?

  1. If you have been tested PCR negative after  days after your last contact you are safe
  2. If you are antigen negative after 5 days after your last contact you are safe
  3. If you are IgM negative after 7 days after your contact you are safe that is why antigen tests are preferred to antibody IgM tests
  4. If you are IgG negative 6 months after an old infection there are cases where people get this Sars a second time so the IgG is a parameter for protection being in that period safe to everyone in absence of PCR, antigen and IgM positive results.


Can I have only a positive IgG test?

Yes this means you survived well and old infection. If you have no permanent handicaps from your viral period this is very good news! You are free to travel, work and help everybody.



Doe it hurts to do a Covid test?

It hurts a little. The Schwab is a little uncomfortable especially for children and the blood sample hurts only 10 seconds. I prefer to test children with a blood sample but depending on the child and the schwab shape some people prefer schwabs.


COVID19 Antibody Test.

COVID19 Antibody Test. Woman Using Pipette to Take Blood Sample for Rapid Test for Corona Virus.

Are there Flu and Corona tests that combine the 2 tests in 1 cassette?

Yes this is a very useful test since lots of people mix-up flue symptoms with corona symptoms. Tauns Capillia has a very useful combo flue cov test and they also have the best flue self test today available.


Are IgG tests better than antigen or PCR tests?

For new infections PCR is better than antigen is better than antibody IgM. IgG is actually never used to detect new infections, never. IgG is used to monitor your immune protection to an old at least 7 days od infection.


Are antigen tests better than antibody tests?

Yes and no. To know the danger antigen test are better and faster. Once you know you have it to test the danger of infection still someone after you have no symptoms anymore, IgG is the only test that can give you this information. Conclusion: antigen tests are better to detect the virus and IgG IgM tests are better to monitor the progress of the disease.


What test producing companies are available?


  1. Panbio antigen Abbott, 25 tests a box, 185 Euro
  2. BioCredit antigen test, 20 tests a box, 195 Euro
  3. Lepu Medical antigen, 20 test a box 215 euro
  4. Salience antigen test 25 tests /box   195 euro
  5. healthbiotech COVID-19 antigen test kit 25 tests 175 euro
  6. Viva Diag antigen 25 tests 186 Euro

Panbio COVID 19 IgM IgG Rapid Test

antibody IgM IgG 25 test a box for 165 euro

positive test for antibodie

positive test for antibodies to covid-19 virus.  Express test for coronavirus


Is PCR the best test?

Yes because it detects as early as in 2, 3 days after infection the virus but due to a severe stock problem of filter tips and PCR reagents the PCR is not available for everybody in 2021 2022. It is also a very expensive technique with prices of 100 euro a test while rapid tests are only average sold at 5 euro a test.

PCR is slow, results come only after 3 hours the earliest or 2 days while in 60 seconds are home test can be performed by a non medical person.

pcr test

pcr test for Corona Virus


Lieven Gevaert, Bio engineer of the university of Gent 1996

Works with sars1 antibodies since 2003 as scientific advisor for Gentaur group in Europe the Genprice offices in USA, San Jose Ca and Green Bay, WI

Lieven Gevaert

Lieven Gevaert technical research and development site.