Protein Research

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Letos v zimě zde nebude žádná diagnostika Pcr jako před 90. lety kvůli nedostatku Filtertip

Kvůli zvýšenému používání Pcr existuje celosvětový nedostatek filtračních špiček 1000ul a 1250ul pcr pro zesílení DNA.

Velcí distributoři jako Gentaur již vybudovali zásobu filtračních špiček, aby pokračovali v dodávce filtračních špiček do diagnostických a forenzních laboratoří, ale této zásobě již …

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Amino acid turnover by human oocytes is influenced by gamete developmental competence, patient characteristics and gonadotrophin treatment.

Can amino acid profiling differentiate between human oocytes with differing competence to mature to metaphase II (MII) in vitro?
Oocytes which remained arrested on the germinal vesicle (GV) stage after 24 h of in vitro maturation (IVM) displayed
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Alterations in dorsal and ventral posterior cingulate connectivity in APOE ε4 carriers at risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Recent proof means that train performs a job in cognition and that the posterior cingulate cortex (PCC) will be divided into dorsal and ventral subregions primarily based on distinct connectivity patterns.
To study the impact of bodily exercise
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Viral controls

Virucidal Efficacy of Olanexidine Gluconate as a Hand Antiseptic Against Human Norovirus.

Human noroviruses are the major cause of non-bacterial acute gastroenteritis worldwide. Since no therapeutic agent has been proven to prevent human norovirus infection yet, preventive healthcare interventions to …

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