elisa sandwich

Sandwich Elisa Wash Buffer

RKB0001 20ml
EUR 119.00

pNF-H Sandwich ELISA Kit

EL22000 1 Kit
EUR 670.00

UCHL-1 Sandwich ELISA Kit

EL22001 1 Kit
EUR 670.00

9ml Sandwich Elisa Tmb Sub

RKB0002 9ml
EUR 147.00

Custom Antibody titration by ELISA up to 2 rabbits and 1 bleed

EUR 202.00

HIF-1 Alpha Sandwich ELISA Kit

CBA-280 96 assays
EUR 560.00
Description: Cell Biolabs? HIF-1 Alpha Sandwich ELISA Kit is an immunoassay developed for rapid detection of HIF-1 Alpha in any protein sample. HIF-1 Alpha protein is captured by a mouse monoclonal antibody that is attached to the well. HIF-1 Alpha is then detected with a goat polyclonal anti-HIF-1 Alpha antibody followed by an HRP conjugated secondary antibody. Each kit provides sufficient reagents to perform up to a total of 96 assays, and can detect HIF-1 Alpha from human, mouse, or rat.

OxiSelect Protein Carbamylation Sandwich ELISA Kit

STA-877 96 assays
EUR 780.00
Description: The OxiSelect Protein Carbamylation Sandwich ELISA Kit is an enzyme immunoassay developed for rapid detection and quantitation of protein carbamylation. The quantity of carbamylated adduct in protein samples is determined by comparing its absorbance with that of a known CBL-BSA standard curve. The kit has a detection sensitivity limit of 1.5 ng/mL of CBL-BSA.

Mouse CCRN4L/ Nocturnin ELISA KIT (Sandwich ELISA kit)

ELI-44122m 96 Tests
EUR 865.00

Rat CCRN4L/ Nocturnin ELISA KIT (Sandwich ELISA kit)

ELI-23581r 96 Tests
EUR 886.00

Human CCRN4L/ Nocturnin ELISA KIT (Sandwich ELISA kit)

ELI-21230h 96 Tests
EUR 824.00

Antibody Pair Support Kit (Sandwich Method)

abx098958-1096tests 10 × 96 tests
EUR 286.00
  • Shipped within 5-7 working days.

Rat NINJ2 (Ninjurin- 2) ELISA Kit (Sandwich ELISA KIT)

ELI-13654r 96 Tests
EUR 886.00

Human NINJ2 (Ninjurin- 2) ELISA Kit (Sandwich ELISA KIT)

ELI-35326h 96 Tests
EUR 824.00

Mouse NINJ2 (Ninjurin- 2) ELISA Kit (Sandwich ELISA KIT)

ELI-16706m 96 Tests
EUR 865.00

Porcine FAAH (Fatty- acid amide hydrolase 1) ELISA Kit (Sandwich

ELI-47773p 96 Tests
EUR 928.00

Human FAAH (Fatty- acid amide hydrolase 1) ELISA Kit (Sandwich E

ELI-38505h 96 Tests
EUR 824.00

Rat FAAH (Fatty- acid amide hydrolase 1) ELISA Kit (Sandwich EL

ELI-48557r 96 Tests
EUR 886.00

Mouse FAAH (Fatty- acid amide hydrolase 1) ELISA Kit (Sandwich E

ELI-08570m 96 Tests
EUR 865.00

WestPure PVDF Membrane,Sheet, 0.22 um , 8.4 x 7 cm, Sandwich

LC7031-072 20/pk
EUR 277.00

WestPure PVDF Membrane,Sheet, 0.45 um , 8.4 x 7 cm, Sandwich

LC7032-072 20/pk
EUR 317.00

Beta2-Microglobulin ELISA kit ELISA Kit

LF-EK60047 1×96T
EUR 679.00

Chicken thrombomodulin,TM ELISA KIT ELISA

QY-E80092 96T
EUR 426.00

Oxycodone ELISA

EK7130 96wells/kit
EUR 478.00


IK00201 96 tests
EUR 600.00
Description: S-adenosylmethionine ELISA kit


IK00301 96 tests
EUR 990.00
Description: S-adenosylhomocysteine ELISA kit

Amphiphysin ELISA

LF-EK0189 1×96T
EUR 603.00

Human Progesterone(P) ELISA Kit (Competitive ELISA)

EK7004 96wells/kit, with removable strips.
EUR 478.00

Human Testosterone(T) ELISA Kit (Competitive ELISA)

EK7005 96wells/kit, with removable strips.
EUR 478.00

Human Estrodial (E2) ELISA Kit (Competitive ELISA)

EK7049 96wells/kit, with removable strips.
EUR 478.00

HP ELISA Kit| Bovine Haptoglobin ELISA Kit

EF010977 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

PRL ELISA Kit| Bovine Prolactin ELISA Kit

EF010978 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

Pg ELISA Kit| Bovine Progesterone ELISA Kit

EF010981 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

KISS ELISA Kit| Bovine Kisspeptin ELISA Kit

EF010984 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

T ELISA Kit| Bovine Testosterone ELISA Kit

EF011003 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

LGMN ELISA Kit| Bovine Legumain ELISA Kit

EF011005 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

COR ELISA Kit| Bovine Cortisol ELISA Kit

EF011015 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

Hyp ELISA Kit| Bovine Hydroxyproline ELISA Kit

EF011017 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

GHRL ELISA Kit| Bovine Ghrelin ELISA Kit

EF011019 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

TRY ELISA Kit| Bovine Trypsin ELISA Kit

EF011023 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

LTF ELISA Kit| Bovine Lactoferrin ELISA Kit

EF011030 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

PLG ELISA Kit| Bovine Plasminogen ELISA Kit

EF011032 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

E2 ELISA Kit| Bovine Estradiol ELISA Kit

EF011033 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

Cr ELISA Kit| Bovine Creatinine ELISA Kit

EF011042 96 Tests
EUR 689.00


EF011043 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

INS ELISA Kit| Bovine Insulin ELISA Kit

EF011044 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

Lep ELISA Kit| Bovine Leptin ELISA Kit

EF011045 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

APRT ELISA Kit| Bovine Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase ELISA

EF011086 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

AHCY ELISA Kit| Bovine Adenosylhomocysteinase ELISA Kit

EF011089 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

ADIG ELISA Kit| Bovine Adipogenin ELISA Kit

EF011096 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

AMBN ELISA Kit| Bovine Ameloblastin ELISA Kit

EF011116 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

BFSP1 ELISA Kit| Bovine Filensin ELISA Kit

EF011159 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

BFSP2 ELISA Kit| Bovine Phakinin ELISA Kit

EF011160 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

BSCL2 ELISA Kit| Bovine Seipin ELISA Kit

EF011161 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

BGN ELISA Kit| Bovine Biglycan ELISA Kit

EF011164 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

BTD ELISA Kit| Bovine Biotinidase ELISA Kit

EF011165 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

BCHE ELISA Kit| Bovine Cholinesterase ELISA Kit

EF011177 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

CAPS ELISA Kit| Bovine Calcyphosin ELISA Kit

EF011188 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

CCIN ELISA Kit| Bovine Calicin ELISA Kit

EF011189 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

CLGN ELISA Kit| Bovine Calmegin ELISA Kit

EF011190 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

CHAD ELISA Kit| Bovine Chondroadherin ELISA Kit

EF011231 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

CTNS ELISA Kit| Bovine Cystinosin ELISA Kit

EF011275 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

DCN ELISA Kit| Bovine Decorin ELISA Kit

EF011294 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

DMKN ELISA Kit| Bovine Dermokine ELISA Kit

EF011308 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

DSTN ELISA Kit| Bovine Destrin ELISA Kit

EF011309 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

DYSF ELISA Kit| Bovine Dysferlin ELISA Kit

EF011339 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

DTNBP1 ELISA Kit| Bovine Dysbindin ELISA Kit

EF011340 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

DAG1 ELISA Kit| Bovine Dystroglycan ELISA Kit

EF011341 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

ENHO ELISA Kit| Bovine Adropin ELISA Kit

EF011352 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

ERMN ELISA Kit| Bovine Ermin ELISA Kit

EF011359 96 Tests
EUR 689.00

FLCN ELISA Kit| Bovine Folliculin ELISA Kit

EF011395 96 Tests
EUR 689.00