ALMA-Buka DSK kits for cell lysis and DNA stabilization for transport

ALK-Buka DSK kits contain reagents for complete lysis of harvested epithelial cells, inhibition of nucleases, and the release and stabilization of genomic DNA.

Due to the unique composition of the solutions, DNA samples can be stored at room temperature or transported for 7 months from the moment of collection of buccal cells without visible DNA degradation. Properties – Stabilizes DNA – Lyses cells – Increases DNA yield and purity – Allows you to store DNA at room temperature – Indispensable for long-term storage of DNA Check current prices by e-mail or phone.

The prices indicated are not valid. Check the current prices by e-mail or phone. The prices indicated are not valid. ALMA-Buka SK (brush with and without tubes) ALMA-Buka DDK (kits for DNA extraction from buccal samples) ALMA-Buka