Custom DNA Oligos

Guaranteed Oligos™
With its Guaranteed Oligo line, Sigma-Proligo gives you access to a comprehensive range of standard, purified, labeled or modified DNA, RNA and S-OLIGOS with the highest quality standards:

all oligos are deprotected, desalted and QC’d by PAGE or MALDI-TOF mass spectometry.
additional purification available (RPC, PAGE, RP-HPLC or IE-HPLC).
final analytical quality controls can be added (analytical RP-HPLC or IE-HPLC profile, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry)
oligos can be delivered in solution or dry, at specified concentrations or aliquoted

DNA non-labeled oligos (7-100 mers)

Purified DNA

Quantity (OD) 2 5 10 50 100 500
1 2 4 5 10 50 100
Non-Labeled X X X X X X


Fully deprotected and desalted, purified by RPC, HPLC or PAGE on request**


  1.  in concentrated solution, quantitated
  2.  quantity (OD and nmoles) and concentration
    (µM and µg/µl)

Quality Controls

See information on our oligos: strict quality controls


Guaranteed sequence, quality and quantity
(All quantities indicated are minimum guaranteed quantities delivered)


All Oligos are delivered with an Oligonucleotide Technical Data Sheet that can also be sent through e-mail

Additional Services

• Concentration Adjustment
• Aliquoting

Synthesis Time

• 2 days for standard oligos in small quantity,
3-4 days for higher quantities
• 3 days for RPC or PAGE purified oligos, 4 days for RP-HPLC oligos (5-6 days for larger quantities)


see information on our oligos: storage recommendations

**RPC purification allows one to obtain high quantities of purified oligos and will provide the necessary purity level (85-90%) for most high resolution applications. This purification is available for oligos up to 60 mers.

RP-HPLC purification provides a very pure product with the highest yields. It is advisable to use RP-HPLC purification for oligos ranging from 35 mers to 60 mers. RP-HPLC allows one to reach a purity of approximately 90-98%. For longer oligos the purity level is greatly decreased.

PAGE purification is recommended for oligos from 35 bases up to 100 bases. Although yields can be very low (1 OD range), the level of purity can reach 98% for short oligos, and average 90% for very long oligos.

To learn more about Sigma-Proligo purification methods please see Oligo Quality on our Technical Information Page.