What is InstantBlue coumassie Alternative?

The best sensitivity allows protein levels as low as 5ng per band to be detected (BSA) when discoloration overnight with Instant blue.

Homemade stains frequently require solutions and these steps need at least one. If your search doesn’t bring up the patent you’re currently searching for, try different search terms.

What is InstantBlue?

InstantBlue is a ready-to-use Coomassie-based protein stain for polyacrylamide gels. InstantBlue is a ready-to-use remedy blot that’s specially formulated for ultra-fast (less than 15 minutes ), sensitive (5 ng per band (BSA)) and secure detection of your proteins. I’m considering Expedeon InstantBlue Coomassie protein stain for polyacrylamide gels.

What is the best Sds Page Gel Staining Solution?

InstantBlue, based on the Coomassie blue stain, provides two key benefits over other available products for faking protein bands from SDS-page gels: It provides a result in 15 minutes in comparison to a single hour average for competing products.

How long does it take to stain a SDS page gel with Instant Blue?

Protein gels can be stained with InstantBlue in minutes without needing to scrub fix or destain. The unique mechanism for coomassie staining of protein gels starts in minutes, and results have been attained over 15 minutes.

InstantBlue has a exceptional mechanism which stains proteins in 15 minutes whilst leaving a background, eliminating the need destain, scrub, or to fix.

conversion screen uv/blue
EUR 606
InstantBlue 1L (Instant Blue)
ISB1L 1L bottle
EUR 165
  • Shelf time: 2 years
ECOS Blue (XL1-Blue
FYE107-10VL 100 µl x 10 vials Ask for price
ECOS Blue (XL1-Blue
FYE107-80VL 100 µl x 10 vials Ask for price
ECOS Blue (XL1-Blue
FYE108-10VL 100 µl x 10 vials Ask for price
ECOS Blue (XL1-Blue
FYE108-80VL 100 µl x 10 vials Ask for price
ECOS Blue (XL1-Blue
FYE109-10VL 100 µl x 10 vials Ask for price
ECOS Blue (XL1-Blue
FYE109-80VL 100 µl x 10 vials Ask for price
Bromophenol Blue
B7774-5000 5 g
EUR 87
Description: IC50: N/ABromophenol blue (3',3",5',5"-tetrabromophenolsulfonphthalein) is widely used in gel loading buffers. Bromophenol blue is experimentally used as acolor marker, apH indicator, and a dye.
Calcein Blue
HY-101887 25mg
EUR 119
Thiazolyl Blue
HY-15924 10mM/1mL
EUR 113
Evans Blue
HY-B1102 100mg
EUR 119
Bromothymol Blue
HY-D0012 1g
EUR 119
Diphenyl Blue
HY-D0970 10mM/1mL
EUR 113
Methylene Blue
HY-14536 100mg
EUR 119
Meldola's blue
GT0259-10G 10 g
EUR 86
Meldola's blue
GT0259-25G 25 g
EUR 134
Meldola's blue
GT0259-50G 50 g
EUR 213
Bromochlorophenol Blue
GT2674-100MG 100 mg
EUR 78
Bromochlorophenol Blue
GT2674-1G 1 g
EUR 174
Bromophenol Blue
GT2874-100G 100 g
EUR 126
Bromophenol Blue
GT2874-10G 10 g
EUR 52
Bromophenol Blue
GT2874-25G 25 g
EUR 66
Bromophenol Blue
GT2874-50G 50 g
EUR 86
Bromophenol Blue
GT2874-5G 5 g
EUR 45


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